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Thanks to everyone who helped get it to happen - the GLSG meeting minutes now appear to be getting put up on the council GLSG page.

Hopefully we can get the agenda there too before the meetings happen.

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I must admit to being confused as to the status of the GLSG. Phil mentioned that Zena said she had no problems with representatives passing on the minutes. I don't know who the representatives are, who they represent and who gave them their mandate, if that is how the group works.
Can someone in the know explain it's working, aims, constitution and criteria for representation in a way I could understand?

In 2012 I contacted the nine councillors in the wards adjacent to the Arena bridge to ask them to support my call for the removal of the advertising banners.

Councillor Canver then wrote to the Councillors concerned - "


Dear   All, this is a local matter and as the chair of Green Lanes Strategy Group I   will be responding to Mr Douglas's e-mail. I'll copy you into my   response.
Pls leave it to   me.

I think that tells you all you neeed to know about the GLSG. The chair can muzzle the other members and also councillors who are not members of the GLSG.

Just as an update, i continue to pester Zena for GLSG minutes and agenda's, and continue to get very little back. I did just get a reponse back from Zena today that ignored the requests for meeting dates and agendas but did suggest coming along to the area forum tonight where "The GLSG is on the agenda". I had a look at the agenda, and it says "There will be a report back from the Green Lanes Strategy Group as the municipal and financial years draw to a close.". I wonder how worthwhile that will be, anyone going along and able to report back?

The shopkeepers pay business rates and taxes so I doubt any of "our" money is going towards their shop fronts but I do take your point about public money being used to spruce up a private asset just because we want a nice looking high street (do we want it that much?).

I'm pretty sure that the public airing you guys are giving the GLSG is freaking some of the shopkeepers out. They operate in a pretty weird environment: "social" clubs, gun battles, protection rackets and apparently money laundering.



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