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Just in case though probably one of neighbours cats but it’s been hanging out in my garden quite a bit last few days. Blue plastic collar. Seems to have taken a liking to Bill our tabby pictured lying on shed roof with him and from before. Unusual as our two usually chase every other animal away but seem relaxed with it.

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I think that's the ginger tom who comes into our garden too – we're on Sydney. It didn't have a collar for ages so we thought it was a stray but now it's wearing one again. It's very, very thin though and if we have the back door open it comes in to devour our cat's food.

Please contact CatCuddles In Palmers Green for help.

They are an amazing charity and will help him find him his owners/a new home

The number is 020 8127 1260

Email : 


Well looks like they are besties now,and clearly. If he has a collar he is owned.

My adorable and much loved pussy is really skinny but will devour cat treats and tuna etc if offered ( but obviously not a lng term option)


Strange response. Cats wander, it’s normal, he has a collar so clearly got a caring owner


Strange response. It clearly doesn't have a caring owner if its allowed to wander into other people's gardens where it will invariably defecate and kill birds.

Quite right Stav. The owner should have a serious talk with this cat.

I rest my case John.

Seriously I’m not sure if you guys are joking. I guess you must be. I mean I have 7feet high fences, and I have firm words with my elderly cats as they go out in the morning. To make sure they leave the neighbours alone as well as the wildlife. Well call them disobedient, but they both immediately scale the fences and are off to visit my neighbours free range guinea pigs

Which road are you on Simon? I’m a local catsitter on the ladder I will ask around see if anyone recognises him. I’m on Pemberton near the river and saw a ginger and white cat yesterday that I didn’t recognise but I can’t say if it was this one or not. 

What I’ve done a few times, is wrap a bit of paper round the cats collar asking the owner to call you, and write your number.. Then if you don’t hear, you know the cat has a problem. But I’ve always been contracted and what I thought was a lost starved cat, was actually very much loved and cared for cat, doing what cats do best, in their pursuit for disobedience



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