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A petition started today on the No. 10 petition website:

Applicants for parking permits must provide a vehicle registration document in person to their local authority. If Councils had access to the DVLA vehicle database this would not be necessary. The DVLA are not legally empowered to provide local authorities with access to their database for the purpose of verifying information for a parking permit. The result is wasteful for both citizens and local authorities.

Click here to sign.

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If Local authorities are not allowed to access the DVLA database, how do they know where to send the parking PCNs ?
Is that doubt I hear Mr D? The petition was started by a man who works for one the co-ordinating London government bodies. So, I think it's safe to assume he's correct.
I guess it means that Councils ARE allowed to access the DVLA database but only for the purpose of issuing fines. Typical - use technology to screw money out of people but not to provide a useful function.

Not that a once-a-year visit to the parking office is a major inconvenience.
Once every aspect of human activity can be performed on line, will we ever leave our homes ?
Anyone know the answer to the question John raises about local authority access to DVLA data?
Hugh. with regard to Johns post.
There are private companies that provide, for a fee, dvla info. One offers the facility for those who see a car for sale curbside and want to check the vehicles m.o.t. history etc. It's a very clever idea that allows you to access dvla info for a small fee ($3.50?) when standing next to the vehicle. You simply text the vehicles reg number.
My point is that if the private companies have access to dvla info (for a fee). Does this imply that local authorities don't want to pay the fee except when they can hand on the charge in the form of a fine ?
I am pretty sure they have some access to DVLA records as they managed to find out information on my vehicle (in fact a previous one too) just by me taking my slip off my log book, the bit you receive when you have just bought a new car.

I always take treble the amount of info they state as you know that something will be too old or not valid.
In fact, it seems that any garage can access DVLA too, because when you go to buy a spare carbowidget the factor types in the registration no and up comes the correct part number for a 2002 Ford Mundane carbowidget.
OK, a Google search for "who has access to DVLA" brings up this DirectGov page as the second entry.
Hugh. What does the site say with regard to our questions/answers (bit too much for me)
No one has mentioned the fact that you also need a council tax bill to show you are a resident. When I schelpped up to Wood Green to get permits and asked why the was asking for a council tax bill to prove my residencey I was told that they parking permit people did not have access to this info for data protection reasons (??!!). Work that one out.

It is a pity we cannot scan these documents and email them along with any application, but then you have to trust the recieving party not to do anything silly with the info I guess.
I work for a council which has been trialling online parking permit applications - I'm not sure of the legalities around the DVLA info access but I'll ask.
Thank you.



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