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I've always been wary of price reviews conducted by my gas/elec suppliers and often challenge them. I don't like to accumulate debt, but nor do I want to be a source of easy credit for my power company. My most recent price review from EDF just increased my monthly electricity direct debit by 50%. I rang to check why since my electricity usage has changed little over the past year.

The very pleasant chap I spoke to did a little calculation and told me that my monthly usage was only about £2 a month in excess of my existing monthly direct debit. He then offered to leave the dd unchanged or to increase it by just a couple of pounds.

I asked him why I'd been given such a hefty increase when his 15 second calculation showed that none was warranted. He muttered something about a price review and it was clear that was as far as I would get.

I don't think I've had such a large increase from EDF before and it struck me to wonder whether the power companies might not be seeking a little padding for the credit crunch.

Perhaps; perhaps not. But I decided to share my thoughts as a reminder to my neighbours to look twice at any price review.

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The best is to switch, so next time they'll think twice ;-)

A site for price comparison: http://www.ukpower.co.uk/

I've got an increase on the GAS bill as well, from £40 to £46 based on the assumption that prices will stay the same as they are now in 2009. But the crude oil went down, hence why are we assuming such prices?

My impression is that with all this recession panic they are trying to bring money in as soon as they can to avoid late surprises.

Anyway, I'll give a call to my supplier and see what they have to say. I'll even ask when they think to reduce the unit price as the crude oil is at about £40!



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