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As discussed before the new charge for collecting garden waste starts 23rd October. This means pay £75 per year, and that’s to start with, or your garden waste will not be collected. You can of course take your waste to recycling centres. This is voluntary the council say and no one will be forced to pay the charge. So my question to Haringey is , since all these changes and charges have come or coming into effect and you say use the refuse centres if you don’t want to pay, why are you closing the Park View Rd Centre the same day just as garden waste period is starting? Is this not a way of forcing people to pay the new charges? What do you think people?

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No it's our friend 'Lord' Harris, as in all those academies.  The land is destined for expansion of the latest harris academy, this one is the former tech centre that was the last failed wheeze from LBH's Anticipating Futures department. As it's directly next to the school, you do have to wonder whether 'Lord' Harris' ambitions may have preceded the idea of ditching the recycling site and creating huge problems for all of Tottenham. 
Grainger is unlikely to want anything more to do with Tottenham after their present adventure.  They will make a mint from FagPacket Tower for 999 years and they have been so burnt by trying to flatten Wards Corner that it will take them decades to get anything back from that, if ever.  They also know that the Kober tendency will be sacked next year so no developers will have such an easy ride in future.

Has anyone actually tried using the compostable sacks? I paid for that option and am having no luck at all actually getting garden waste to stay in the sacks - they tear from branches and rot with anything wet. I’m going to write to the council for advice but wanted to see what you all have experienced too.

I'm not at all surprised, in fact I told them on the phone that biodegradable bags would be useless. I haven't put out any garden waste recently (too wet and can't be bothered!) but I intend to put the plastic bag inside the strong white bag while filling it up, tie it up, and take it out just before the collection is due. Might work, and if not the crews will have to report back on torn bags and spilled greenery.



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