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An article has just appeared on the BBC News website which sets out the government's new strategy for waste management. The detail is murky (I haven't had a chance to look at the government document yet), but the article does say that one limb of the strategy is to "Tell councils to scrap the charge for disposing of garden waste because if it ends up in landfill it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas."

There are other interesting (and probably debatable) plans too, covering all manner of household waste.

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I'm a big fan of the idea of 'Encourage manufacturers to design products that last longer and increase the levels of repair and re-use.' Having had to get rid of a TV due to a failed unobtainable semiconductor (probably a couple of pennies in cost).

In case you didn’t know Morrisons in Wood Green have a drinks can and plastic bottle recycling machine that rewards you with vouchers. A mate has been scouting the streets for them and bagged £20 so far. They need to either have a barcode or be Morrisons own brand. It loves dicarded energy drinks cans!



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