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Hi folks,

I searched before posting but couldn't find anything recent. Can anyone tell me what day garden waste (brown) bin collections are in the southern half of the ladder? And also how long after subscribing to the service the brown bin will actually arrive? Neither piece of info seems to be available from the council or Veolia websites (and indeed the "find your garden waste bin collection day" tool only returns results for all the other kinds of bins....)


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Call Veolia they will advise you 020 8885 7700

I've been on the phone to Veolia three times in the last week for a business related query and each time was on hold for an hour. I was rather hoping to avoid having to do that for this.

I don't remember how long before collection, but I can't imagine it should be too long. As for any collection day, you can find out here

That's the collection day finder that doesn't give results for garden waste collections, even though you can get to it from the garden waste page directly, too.

Garden waste is collected on the same day as your other waste. 


Thanks for this link, I moved house yesterday and have my own bins for the first time ever, after living on estates since moving to the UK. Now I know my bin day is Thursday! 

I used to work in Environment Services so can tell anyone that garden waste is collected in the same truck as food waste - so whatever day your food waste collection is will be your garden waste day too.

I have a small garden now and I'm trying to decide whether I need a garden waste bin, as I plan to get a compost bin.

It depends on the volume of planting in your garden and the area you're prepared to give over to composting. 

I'm terrible at composting. I never seem to get the balance of green and brown correct. So, I have to admit that far more goes in to my garden waste bin than I'd like. Having said that, I have a lot of volume in the garden and am probably a fairly active city gardener, but I still make do very well with a small-size garden waste bin. I can't see that the typical Ladder house would need a full-size garden bin. On the odd occasion that I have more than I can get in a bin in a particular week, I just put it by and put in in the following week/s.

I have used the garden waste sacks rather than a bin and they work well. My front garden is small and three bins would just overtake the area. I put mine in a large trug in the back garden then carry them through the house in that the night before collection. You get a very large number of bags with an annual subscription and mine have lasted into a second year so have worked out very economical!

Same day as your recycling

Fabulous, thanks!

For all those waiting with bated breath, the answer to the "how long does the bin take to arrive?" question is about three days, as our shiny new one arrived this morning, having been ordered on Tuesday.



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