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Can someone explain what I'm meant to do?

I have a v small garden & do little to it, so haven't invested £75 to get waste cleared.  This month I had someone do some hacking at overgrown plants.  I put the bags in the general waste bin, but the Veolia staff took them out & left them.  I have no transport to take them wherever they might go. 

I'm not prepared to spend £75 for two bags. 

Any ideas?

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Just the same here Ruth. I strapped them on to an Ikea trolley and hauled them a mile to the recycling centre

Maybe you could see if any neighbours in your road have a brown garden waste bin and ask if you could put it in there. Garden waste is collected weekly so I'm sure most people with a bin have capacity.

Where are you Ruth ?

South Tottenham

well, if you like and if they are bagged I could come in the car and take them to the dump.

That's really kind; I'd be really grateful.  They are bagged up.  I'll message you with the address.

Your request accepted

or text me on [number withheld by site admin]

What sort of plants are they? If it's weeds/ grasses etc (as opposed to hedge/ bush prunings) I could potentially take them off your hands for my compost

Prunings, I'm afraid.

check out harringay council website for green waste. you can also buy a supply of biodegradable garden waste bags for £55  you get about 40/50 of them they are 140litres each. My neighbour bought some and we split the cost and divided the bags between us. I am on my 2nd year of the supply and think the rest will last me another year or so. For £27 ive had 3 years worth of green waste taken away. The more of you that go in on getting a supply obvs the cheaper it is. although why the council did away with the big white hessian sacks is beyond me. That was a much better system.

The Council needs to make it easier to have small amounts collected and/or encourage community composting schemes in the parks otherwise it will be dumped in the street. Its only those who have £75 to spare or £55 for compostable sacks who can afford the collections, or those with cars who can take it to the dump - not very Green!



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