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i have a beautiful, wooden garden studio in good condition. It is approximately 15m 2. I want to take it down as I have other plans for the space but would love it to go to a good home. 

I don't want any money for it and would be happy for it to go to a local organisation if they could use it. Otherwise, I am perfectly happy for it to go to an individual if anyone is interested. 

Whoever takes it would need to organise dismantling and transport ( it is a kit so it should come apart in sections).

apologies if this notice is in the wrong section. I have not posted on HoL before.


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Hi Peter,

I would like to give you some advice, if I might.


Who has got the garden (in London area) to accommodate the garden shed/studio of that size?

If someone has, I don't think they would go for "second hand" garden studio shed/house option; wathever it's called.


What you need is a gang of strong man or wemen (or vice versa) and a few rubbish removal skips.

This operation might cost you a few grand, unfortunately.

Well, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm trying to be realistic. I'm an enthusiastc about recycling and reusing things myselfy but this is my only humbel opinion.

So, good luck,



You don't need to be apologetic that your notice went to the wrong section.

Harringay Online is like Mother Earth. She takes evrything.

This looks like a wonderful opportunity for someone. Thanks for posting, Peter. 


Wow! Yes North Harringay school might want it, I will pass it on to the school and get back to you. 

Thanks, Nicky 

Would love to take off your hands if a school or such doesn't show interest 

I would also love to join the queue for it! Thank you. Jane

Thanks Everyone,

well, all comers are still welcome. I will be at home this Saturday, and on several days next week if people would like to come and look and to decide ways forward.

let me know times you would like to visit

  • peter

Hi Peter

I am very interested in this, I am not in London again on Saturday but could come on Sunday if that would work? I totally understand that a local organisation might have priority but I am very interested and I have the space.

My number is 07949592399

Many thanks



I am based at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre (Wood Green) and as a community based organisation with space might be interested in it if it has not gone already.

Please could you call me on 0197 810 7964 or post a message. I could look at it on Monday (if you are available).




Hi Yvonne,

It looks as though the studio has now been snapped up. Somebody came yesterday and I have promised it to them.

however, if for any reason this falls through I would be delighted for your organisation to have it and will be in touch. Best wishes,


Thanks Peter!

No problem...much appreciated!





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