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Image a little dark but wondering what might have caused this flurry of digging activity, which I've never seen before in our garden. Whatever it is it's determined to get into the tree box from the bottom and in doing so has dug out a considerable amount of soil. Note soil mound next to wall, about a foot high. Because the entrance hole is only a few inches high it can't be a cat or fox and I've never noticed a squirrel do this ... 

Any thoughts?!

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Hmmm, my thoughts too.

Do have foxes around but would normally pick up their very distinctive smell. Will look out for rat droppings.

Yes whatever it is it's very determined to get inside and up into that plant box! Council pest control will know. They're very good.

Thanks all for your help.

squirrels dig up bulbs and tubers. 

Major bet on a squirrel or a fox.

I found an egg hidden down the corner of my front yard, under leaves and cobwebs and stuff. Absolutely did my head in. Foxes are mental.

I found a half eaten pie in a veg box we had in our garden. My wife also lost a Birkenstock sandal - half eaten by a fox. The buggers are so cute and annoying.

Foxes are incredibly curious and playful. They're particularly attracted to footware of any kind including boots, will tear them up as you say, then deposit their urine/poo on the item afterwards!

Anything we've worn that gets left in the garden overnight is a goner (shoes and gardening gloves mostly).

There would seem to be a simple solution to that, don't leave anything that might appeal to foxes etc  outside overnight.

Take them indoors, if boots are muddy, wash them in bath, then store them in cupboard under stairs or something similar

Yes, and from inside the house too if you leave the doors open. So annoying that neighbours actually feed and encourage foxes!



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