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I have 2 silly business ideas I'm playing with, and it would be helpful to have some good pics (I'm hopeless with a camera). A good amateur with a decent camera, or a photography student perhaps.

Job 1: photograph my product in a park or garden
The product I'm thinking of selling fits into a rockery or other garden environment. I'd like a pic of one or two of them in a pretty setting (Clissold/Regents park, whatever). If I do make a business I'll want to aim for fairly luxury/high end so I want some decent pics but nothing you can't achieve with a decent camera. I've only got a smartphone and it isn't up to much. I can come with you or I'll give you the product and get you get on with it. Essential it's a sunny day.

Job 2: food photography
Photograph some chocolates I'll provide. You may need to mess about with lighting for this one, I've tried myself but it's really hard. I may need to print the pics so need to be good quality.

Does £10 an hour sound okay? I doubt either job will take more than about 2-3 hours but happy to discuss. Might be helpful if you can show me examples of your work - the food one's likely to be tricky as I know from trying it myself.

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Product photography of this sort is something that Yev at the Ladder based Green Lens Studios on does. He'll do top quality chocolate pics in a proper light tent for you. You'd have to discuss the rate with him - 020 8350 5915.

Thanks Hugh

Hi Sophie. Happy to chat to you about this. I'll send you a DM.
Cheers, Adam



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