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Hi all. There’s very little out there for early years primary age kids but Songclub N4 started just one term ago in Sep and its fun cool and open to all kids aged 5-8 with flexibility around that. We are a fun warm bunch and will welcome your little one and teach them valuable skills through singing. Music is being horribly cut from schools. 

We start this term next Wednesday 16th Jan at Holy Trinity Church Granville Rd N4 and it’s £5/class and concessions available. Money is not an obstacle so do get in touch as singing is such a fab way to come together. We do a wide variety of music and exercises and I’d say the repertoire is pretty cool! Last term we did a little concert and sang carols outside the ‘Goods Office’ restaurant N4. It was great. Do get in touch. Free trial session. Jill

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Hi Jill

do you have any plans to run a choir for older kids? 



I do! How old is your child/children? Realistically next September as I’m focusing on the younger age and only into the 2nd term of this but if you give me your email and details of children I’ll get in touch again. Jill



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