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Frobisher Rd is getting all new and resurfaced today:

though only slightly more than half of it. The resurfacing stops here just after the passage. I asked one of the workmen if they just hadn't got to the other end yet and he said no, they weren't doing the rest.

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They did the same thing where Hornsey Lane Gardens meets Langdon Park Road which basically is a straight road and the Langdon Park Road part is just littered with potholes.  The mind boggles!

Same on Seymour a few months back. They did the bottom (GL end) which did seem odd as I think the top end is probably worse.

I think these days they can only afford to do the very worst sections.

In a city as rich as London I find it very difficult to understand why our streets look so atrocious.  I have never witnessed anything as bad on my travels.

I cycled from Hackney to Dunwich through the night the weekend before last and boy am I glad I had a strong light. Some of those potholes were murderous.

I rather think the pavements could be done before the roads. Our roads are mostly used by people taking a shortcut through us to avoid the lights so we should keep them in as bad a nick as possible. I mean they have to put speed humps on them to keep people somewhere close to 20mph so they can't be in that bad a condition.

The roads in our enclave, Milton Avenue, Milton Road etc are in a terrible state.  As quick as one pothole is filled another appears.  Most of the road surface does not meet the requirements to be declared a pothole but is crumbling away with painted signs disappearing despite being a 20mph area with speed humps!  We get a lot of through traffic to Archway Road including many HGVs.

I suppose, but it does seem odd to not do the entire street while they're here. All the guff behind making it happen with the street closure orders and traffic diversions and parking suspensions and all the massive machinery getting here to scrape off the old road and lay new etc. And they were all done and gone before 3pm, a couple more hours and they probably could have done the whole thing.

I agree completely.  Also where Hornsey Lane Gardens meets Langdon Park Road there is a slight ridge.  I understand that someone tripped on a similar road in Haringey recently and was brain damaged as a consequence and Haringey was sued for quite a substantial sum.


I know what you mean, but if you remember Wightman got the same treatment.

What is this? 70s Britain?  Many times our roads and general street scene has been compared to Third World countries but visitors!

Can you explain why street closure orders etc is "guff".



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