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I would like to propose that we set up a 'Friends of the Harringay Passage'.

This crucial 'spine' of the Harringay Ladder has been neglected for too long and maybe a community group will get their voices heard by Haringey Council more effectively than a few individuals.

The aims of the group could be:

- to keep the planters looking nice,

- work with the council to design out fly-tipping hot spots and remove street clutter

- design a Masterplan for making the Passage work better for pedestrians

- street party at the widest section, between Effingham and Fairfax!

Let me know if you are interested, and if enough people are then we could have an inaugural meeting in January.



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That is something that the group can lobby for

You might want to hook up with, or pick the brains of, Sustrans who did some good stuff in West Green/Turnpike Lane a couple of years ago in partnership with the council - contact details are available at http://diyturnpikelane.wordpress.com/

Noticed your link, thanks for raising this.

Sustrans, lovely people, you can see their work on


'Pie in the sky' but you can also see the potential for Harringay Passage to connect with Finsbury Park and directly relevant to Parkland Walk tunnels at the Highgate end.

We missed an opportunity as a millennium project there, though it was raised at the time, this link ads thought to the idea again.


Great idea. I'm in

I'm in.....but in the daytime of course :)

Can I just come for the beer and meetings?

Actually Adam you are pricking my conscious- I need to tidy our planter on Pemberton... The time of the sunflower has passed for this year.

I know this is a bit premature, but I know that people have previously discussed whether anyone would stick their head up and take a lead in organising a Ladder Residents Association. Lots of us thought it a good idea, but no one was prepared to lead it and put the effort required in.

Now, I mention this, because I suspect it will come up, and many of the issues in the Passage are common to the wider Ladder (and Gardens) too and there is naturally going to be some leakage.

So, I throw it out as one point of discussion as we develop this concept- personally I think we stick to the Passageway Friends concept initially, and see how this works before pushing out into wider Ladder issue.

There's already a lot of support, but if it's the case of more the merrier, I'd be interested in this too.

I suspect it would be useful to make sure all roads  are represented, and if there is a second person on each road then excellent as it would allow for a bit more flexibility for individuals involved so there is some cover as it were.

In too!

I'd definitely be interested in this, please keep me updated!

Nice plan curly.



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