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It's been awhile, and we apologise for the lack of updates.

Tom Newman is resigning as the chair of Friends of Fairlands Park due to other commitments.  I am relocating and will also be resigning from my role as treasurer. 

We are now seeking volunteers to take on the role of chair and treasurer.

A meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 8:30pm at the Salisbury.


Jonathan and Tom

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I would happily volunteer to help Fairlands Park, if you weren't so exclusive to middle class families with children. I'm a single woman with a dog, who is not allowed in your park.

Hi Caroline,
The park is not exclusive to middle-class families but welcomes all people of all faiths and sections of society - including dog owners. And they do use it. I know the central park is off-limits to dogs, but that's a rule you could challenge if you volunteered. I think the rule (established before my time), was to eliminate dog mess, which is an enormous problem for everyone with feet elsewhere in the neighbourhood. So, as long as that's observed, I can't see there being a problem.

This park is your park as much as anyone else in the neighbourhood. FoFP has held film nights, planted bulbs and organised swap sale events. Volunteering is an enormously fulfilling thing to do, and you learn a lot about how our local government works. And you get a meaningful say.

I'm sad that I cannot devote my attention to Fairland Park, but unfortunately, my family, work, and other volunteering commitments mean I have to step down. 

I hope you reconsider your opinion, and you'd be very welcome next Wednesday to come and have a chat.

I think you'll find from the lovely, kind replies from Livi and Paula below, others do not feel that Fairland Park is my park as much a their Park and those privileged enough to have children. Indeed, their responses have only served to increase my feeling that my kind is not welcome.

Thank you Livi, you've just 100% proved my point with your ignorant reply.

I one hundred percent agree with Livi. Fairland Pk is always full

of families (a diverse crowd) able to let small children play freely without the worry of dog poo. There are plenty of places for dog walking nearby. 

Explain why Livi's reply was ignorant and offensive please. I can't see that it was at all?! It seemed calm and considered. What is the problem with reserving a small area where dogs aren't allowed? Not everybody is a fan of dogs. There are so many areas where dogs are welcome, including vast areas of Finsbury park,some restaurants and cafés!! It's nice to have a few areas where you can be sure of not encountering a canine. Please do not set yourself up as a victim or accuse people of ignorant offensive behavior when everybody is being perfectly civil.  

Ms Livi's previous comments were edited by admin, so don't come @ me. And also, it is not a small area of the park, it is the whole park minus a little square where us barren women with our baby substitute dogs are welcome as outcasts. It hurts me a lot that I cannot use a very lovely park for which my Council Tax no doubt helps to maintain, coz, let's face it, even if I entered the park without my dog, I would seem like some kind of predator 

And BTW, accusing me of playing the victim is way below the belt, especially when you do not know the full story. Anyway, whatever, if you care so much, volunteer for your park

You'll find it much more rewarding than randomly joining a conversation about which you know little and then coming at people with hate and ignorance

I nominate Livi and Paula to be the new volunteers, as they seem to be very passionate about the park and who is and who is not welcome. I think that they will do well. And also, Cem, whose offensive remarks have been deleted from this thread - thank you, Hugh!, - but he and Livi seem to be of the same mind, so I'm sure together you could clear the "shanty town of illegal Gypsy immigrants" who, like dogs, are evil and only want to cause harm to your children 

I think you're over reacting or attempting to deliberately mislead people. I've seen a couple of posts on here that have been removed. I doubt they were removed because they were 'offensive' because that is a subjective concept. What you deem offensive is probably what others consider to be a logical deduction or opinion based on the available information. I expect the posts were removed simply because they might seem controversial and likely to elicit responses such as yours. After all, its a community website for sharing information about Harringay and events therein. Its not Twitter.

As for the issue at hand, i agree that dogs should not be allowed in the park. While many dogs are harmless and good around children some are not. It only takes one incident to ruin a child's life. That is a risk that parents are not willing to take. Have you seen some of the dogs people have around here? How could we ensure only 'safe' dogs enter the park.

Its the same with the people living in the shelter. I've seen it and its not a discreet little tarpaulin in the undergrowth at the edge of the park. Its a significant construction. They're intending to stay and these things tend to grow if unchallenged. Personally, I have sympathy for homeless people. It can be a cold, hard world. However, the purpose.of the park is for young children to play and develop safely. There are other places nearby where homeless people can camp if needed (eg. New River, bottom.of Alexandra Palace). Plus, as harsh as it sounds, there is a higher proportion of alcoholism, drug use, psychosis and anti social behaviour among the homeless than in the wider population. Parents know this. And while they'll probably also acknowledge that the reasons for this are unfair and that it definitely doesn't mean that all homeless people are capable of dangerous behaviour, its not a risk people want to take.

Excrement, either canine or human, is unpleasant and a health risk if not disposed of appropriately.

So yes, vote Paula and Livy.

And thank you to Jonathon and Tom for keeping the park going up to this point.

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