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Is this being rescheduled for later in the month given the death of Her Majesty?

No, it'll go ahead as is.

Well, unless it rains, we can't do the show in the rain.

Hey Tom! Will there be toilets available at all? 

Unfortunately not, I was hoping NHP would let us use their disabled toilet as they have in the past, but it seems they can't this year. I'm sorry about that

Oh that's a shame! I'm not sure our lot will manage one film let alone two without a trip to the loo. Nevermind! I hope it goes well.

Thank you, I'm sorry for no loos. Next time I'll hire a portaloo. The films are deliberately short, and it'll be relaxed you can drop in and out as you see fit.

Surely it won't go ahead in the circumstances. That would not be appropriate. Even the football has been postponed!

I respect your opinion, Maddy and Dan, and I have considered postponing the event, but in the end, I have decided to go ahead.

Here's why:

The event is mainly for local children who are excited about seeing the films. 

As our event is an outdoor event, tomorrow is really the last likely date we can plan for outdoor filming. So if it doesn't go ahead, it won't go ahead until next spring.  And that's important because we're a volunteer organisation seeking to raise funds for future events and to help improve Fairland Park. We have already committed significant funds and people's time to making tomorrow's event happen. To cancel (and it would be to cancel at this point of the year) would mean we miss out on that fundraising while wasting money and resources, which, as we're restarting the group after Covid, we can't afford to do. 

The government guidance is quite clear that, even on the day of the funeral itself, there is no obligation to postpone or cancel any events, although timings may need to be adjusted and some acknowledgement made of the solemnity of the day.

The postponing of football matches was a decision taken by the FA but there was no expectation that they should.

With regard to small events, the palace has made it clear that they don't expect anyone to do anything different during the mourning period, recognising perhaps that a lot of planning and time goes into organising events.

Thank you for the clarification Liz, appreciated!

Very glad this is still going ahead tomorrow - I'm pretty sure Queen Lizzie wouldn't have wanted to deprive kids of their outdoor cinema night. Life goes on!



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