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Free fitness sessions in Finsbury Park weekly, no catches, all levels welcome.

Free fitness sessions are held each Saturday in Finsbury Park. We're doing this because we want to provide feasible fitness programs available to everyone in the community. We realise how important it is to incorporate exercise into our lives especially given the obesity issues we face in our society. We want to work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

We will provide a challenging yet rewarding workout that will aim to increase your metabolic rate therefore burning calories and enhancing not only your body but also your mind. The physical (body) results will be an increase in energy, stamina, strength, coordination and balance, weight loss and muscle toning. Mentally (mind) you will achieve an increase in concentration, self esteem and also a reduction in any stress or anxiety you have been experiencing.

Our FreeFit sessions along with continual exercise, a healthy diet and a positive attitude will help you achieve balance in your life. It is available to all ages and fitness levels so come alone or with a friend. No doubt you will meet likeminded people to share the experience. The MoreFit trainers will also be on hand to provide advice on nutrition, weight loss and individual exercise plans.

Every Saturday

• Adults 2:30pm (beginners, intermediate and advanced)
• Please bring some water
• Look out for the MoreFit Crew

Finsbury Park, Stroud Green Road entrance

by the community centre in the park.


We look forward to seeing you in the park!


"At a time when many people in the community are struggling financially, MoreFit FreeFit is a great initiative that will allow access to exercise for all without the need for expensive gym memberships. With nearly 1 in 4 adults suffering from obesity today, it's important for us to look after ourselves and make sure exercise is a part of our weekly routine."

• David Lammy, MP for Tottenham

"Determined to get fit in my retirement years, I nevertheless went along to FreeFit feeling a bit nervous. I found myself in a large group of friendly people of all ages. Thankfully there's no military-style shouting involved, and the emphasis is on fun. The instructor for my beginners group was quite happy to allow me to 'sit out' any exercise I felt was too demanding, while at the same time encouraging everyone to push themselves a little. For me, who hated exercise, the fact that I really enjoyed it came as a welcome surprise and after four weeks I can definitely feel the difference!"

• Local resident Lorna Hoey, 65, attended  kick-off sessions in the park in May


"It can be hard to stay healthy these days when many of us have sedentary jobs and rely on processed foods. I believe that exercise is essential to maintaining balance in life - it helps to combat stress, fight depression and boost self esteem. I've set up FreeFit in Finsbury Park with the MoreFit team to give everyone the opportunity to get involved; whether you're already a keen exercise enthusiast or feeling really out of shape, come and train with us every Saturday and I guarantee you'll see results over the summer."

• Shamir Sidhu, 33, founder of Morefit


We have been running this for 5 month now, completely free, We'd love to see any of you guys down there. FreeFit will stay FREE indefinitely.

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Again this Saturday as usual
Same place same time
Get involved
Get fit

Again and again

Finsbury Park

Saturdays 2.30pm

Hi all
It's the new year and time for all of you guys still thinking about getting involved to get going now. We've been running for around 9 months now completely FREE....

Look at www.morefit.co.uk/FreeFit for all info or direct message us on HOL if you require more info. We look forward to seeing more of you in the New Year

Team MoreFit

its going to be cold but thats the best time to get involved



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