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Needs to go asap as it’s currently in teh hall tripping is all up so preference given to anyone who can come straight away 

Well loved but excellent sturdy desk

Needs to go asap

61.5cm deep
114.5cm wide
73cm high
 2 integral drawers

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Very interested in this! Where are you? Would it fit into a smallish hatchback car? Barbara

I've dropped you a DM with my number to make it easier to communicate.

I'm N15 3AB, a couple of blocks west of chestnuts park

I honestly don't know, as really depends on the height clearance of the back of the car

it would prob fit in a Prius those things are like a Tardis- you'd have to use the measurements to see if it would fit in your car... here they are again for ease of reference:

61.5cm deep
114.5cm wide
73cm high

Thanks. Haven't had time to check yet. If it goes before I do, my hard luck!



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