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I have had a very large delivery of free woodchip (ie a truckload) delivered to my house at 48 Warham Road on the ladder.  It is far more than I need so feel free to bring bags and/or a wheelbarrow and help yourself!

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Blimey. That sounds like a lot of wood chip. You have it already and have some spare, right?   I would love to take some for the raise beds in Pemberton.

Will come tomorrow if that is ok and you have some left. Thanks. 

It is indeed a lot! Take as much as you like- there is lots to spare! 

I took as much as I could fit in the car, and there is still loads left! Thanks v much!

Note to whoever comes next - the remaining lot is in huge bags too heavy to pick up, so bring your own bags.

No worries! Hope you enjoy the lovely smell and your flowerbeds flourish! 

Hi, If still available, may i come get some too? 


There is- feel free to help yourself! 

Hi Elizabeth, is there still more available?

Thank you


yes! Please help yourself! 

Hi Elizabeth, is the woodchip outside your house? i.e. is it okay to park up and take some, or should an appointment be scheduled in advance? Many thanks, Sue

Hi Sue, You are welcome to do this, but you might find it difficult to get a space as Warham Road is currently full of Pemberton Road’s cars as well! 

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the heads up. I'll try and collect some this weekend and fingers crossed I'll find a parking space :)

Hi Elizabeth - bit late to the party but dare I ask if there is any still left!?



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