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Free woodchip available at Priory Common Orchard.

Priory Common Orchard is on Priory Road N8 at the bottom of Redston Road.

You can park a car by the roadside when you are collecting the woodchip. 

Use postcode N8 8NB to navigate

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Liz, what is woodchip good for in the garden? Is it just decorative? Thanks Christina

The benefits of woodchip mulch

  • It’s 100% organic (and natural) 
  • It’s great at retaining water – helping your soils stay moist by “trapping” water and stopping it from evaporating, contributing to your plants’ health.
  • It inhibits weed growth – as a layer of woodchip prevents light from getting to weeds, suppressing their growth, and making your garden easier to maintain.
  • It can act as a “slow” fertiliser – as, when woodchips rot over time, they “feed” the soil.
  • It provides protection against the weather - as woodchips can help to maintain temperatures in your plant beds throughout the seasons, keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • It can even defend your plants against pests and diseases – keeping them vibrant and healthy!
  • It recycles garden waste – ensuring your excess wood doesn’t have to go to landfill, giving it a better purpose.
  • It’s free! Woodchip can be easily created at home if you have enough material or picked up from a local arborist.

Brilliant, thanks! I don't have a car but I'll try to grab a bag full. thanks for the tip...



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