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I've one remaining kitten free to be homed from this weekend. He's very friendly and inquisitive and enjoys running about my flat and playing.

He's free to a good home - all I ask is that you innoculate and neuter him. You'll need to get injections immediately and then another set of jabs in 3 weeks time. A local vet has quoted £50 for this. He'll need to be neutered in about 2 months time at a cost of around £60 (sometimes charities cover this cost). You'll also need to talk to the vet about worming, flea treatments etc.

Cats can live up to 18 years and it costs about £6-10 a week to feed them. They need fresh water every day and human contact, as wel

l as a scratching post, toys and outside space. Please bear this in mind when taking on a kitten.

If you are interested, you are welcome to view this weekend - please add me as a connection to message me or email cassava@hotmail.co.uk. I'll arrange for a home visit. 

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Aww he looks adorable! Unfortunately we have 2 cats already and my partner has put his foot down and said that we don't have the laps for any more!

Best of luck with finding him a good home


I would really love a cat but I don't have any outdoor space so dont' think it's very fair on it. I really hope you find him a good home



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