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Free shed/wendy house. Wood is in very good condition. One of the plastic windows has fallen out and broken since I took it apart, but it would be easy enough to get a new or you could just sellotape it back together. The felt on the roof was replaced not too long ago so it's completely waterproof. It just needs screws to re-assemble it.

It's 6 feet high, 6 and a half feet wide and 4 feet deep. You'll need a van to pick it up unless you fancy carrying it piece by piece from Pemberton road.

Photos below show it before I took it down, and what it looks like dismantled.

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Good afternoon Mark, I would love this shed/playhouse for my grandson, I am trying to find if anyone can pick this up for me or if I can get someone to carry it round for me. I will get back to you asap if that is OK. I am only at the top of Seymour so hopefully can arrange something.

We're at the bottom of Pemberton. I think it would take two people six journeys to carry it, so doable, but a van would be easier.

I will have access to a van either later on today or tomorrow early afternoon, typical of me to pick a day when no one is around. 

Bit late for today as we're about to go out, but we're around tomorrow afternoon. I'll PM you my phone number.

Thank you Mark.



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