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I have 2 old dwarf apple trees (royal gala and golden delicious varieties from memory) and a dwarf pear (cordon style doyenne du comice) going free if anyone wants them.

I've never had great luck with them and they look a little unhappy (although one of the apple trees has an apple on it) so you may need to be a keen gardener to make the best of them, and the pear needs a pollination partner to bear fruit apparently.

BUT they are free. And one has an apple on it! Anyone keen?

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Hi how big are they ? I am really interested :) thanks
Hi, they are from 1 to 1.5m tall. Please see additional info below too.
Thanks Annee, please see additional info below.
I'll just add some extra info, I'd like to keep hold of the pots they are currently in (I think they are too big for them anyway) I think the soil would be firm enough to just transfer in bin bags temporarily perhaps? And you would need to be able to collect them as we don't have a car. Happy to split the family btw as the pear really needs another pear with it.
I'd be happy to take the pear off you as my neighbours have a pear tree nearby so that should increase chances of pollination. Would love an apple tree as well, but happy to share :)
Hi, have sent you a connection request re collecting the pear. Will send the apples to Annee as they may be best together but would be nice for the pear to have a little pear friend! Thanks.
Fantastic, good luck with them, I hope they do really well for you!



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