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Can anyone explain how these cars are able to park for weeks on Effingham and Whightman without ever getting a ticket??!

Obviously spraypainting the no parking sign must help, but these people seem to have found a way to park illegally (often on the pavement) and NEVER get a ticket.
How does that work?

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Maybe Justin. Am not an expert on cars but think I have seen the same ones there over a couple of weeks, not just for a few hours. It does get crowded for parking at times, and people can be inconsiderate - this one didn't have its plate covered but is right across the curb, making pushchairs and wheelchairs impossible to pass.
As I say nobody ever seems to get a ticket here, but further down the road tickets are issued all the time

Call Haringey Parking Base on 020 8489 2101 in situations like this. I have the number saved to my phone!

Is it not also the case that some (and I stress only some) wardens, are rewarded for, or intimidated into, turning a blind eye. 

Please be careful where you are going with this.

I noticed a similar practise in Philip Lane. Vans parked on pavement with paper taped over the numberplates.

I wish Haringey would get tough, but people are too PC  and afraid. Naming no names, I'm too PC and afraid !

I live on Philip Lane and I've paid the council £200 to plant a tree to stop pavement parking outside my place!

I recently witnessed this, too. and the owner even littered the street with the paper when he ripped it off.

Some of the later comments here have got a bit obscure (?).
If, as one reply said, wardens can't remove tape over licence plates, then obviously they can't issue a ticket.
So who's job is it then - is it a police matter?

As in send the pics to the police and see what they do. But it's not them loosing revenue......

I flagged this up to Ian who is the LCSP (sort of resident's association for the Ladder) and he forwarded it to Ann Cunningham, Haringey's Head of Highways & Parking. Ann replied quite speedily acknowledging that this sort of thing is a growing problem borough-wide. She said that the council is dealing with the issues and intend trialling a new approach that they hope will get better outcomes.  

Not sure about cause and effect Hugh, but since you raised this the licence plates are now all clearly visible - no Gaffer Tape in sight!
I guess the next test will be if these cars (they are still parked there) will now get tickets like the rest of the road, but at least Traffic Enforcement have no excuses.

There has been a lot of discussion here re moving vehicles with obscured plates, to my mind something much more dangerous. Haringay will need a policy to deal with this or LTN revenue will fall. Was that what the head of Highways and Parking was referring to do you think?



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