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Burton Custom Snowboard pre 2008 - possibly best used as wall decor

Having a clear out and found this very old, short (142cm) and well used board. It was 2nd hand when I got it in 2009, so I’m not sure of the exact year of release, likely older than 2008.

Technology will have moved on extensively since this was last used. It always felt not the most flexible and a little heavy so possibly not a beginners board. The bindings are also rather old ratchets which I wouldn’t rely on without getting them checked by someone knowledgeable. Safety measures and protections will be different to when this first was used so not wishing to state the obvious, but this has not been used or checked in years so if you choose to try to ride it, then it’s done so entirely at your own risk. 

It really is more suited to making a great wall decor for a boarding teen’s bedroom or being upcycled in some more creative way than I can think of!

Collection from Raleigh Road

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My son sadly doesn't need the board, however, out of interest,  is it worthwhile to buy a second hand board? He's just started snowboarding but as he's only 14 and due a growth spurt we don't want to invest in a new one. So we though a second hand one might be an idea... 

Hi Billy, I'm not sure what might be best these days. It depends how often he's been, how often he'll be going and what he'll be wanting to use it for (slopes/off piste/snowpark). I happily hired for years as it meant it was often that season's latest set of boards that were available and most hire places on holiday used to be happy to swap a board mid week if what I had didn't suit. I was (and still am!) more of a happy holiday slope cruiser, not going for anything too demanding. 

I've not looked into it recently but I expect there are some great web forums offering advice on boards, like what/when to buy and thoughts on 2nd hand boards. Depending on how pristine you wanted it to be there used to be quite good end of season sales on new and exhire boards in the ski shops in the resorts. 

If only an occasion rider I'd wait and stick to hires for now, but if he's really keen and regularly going now I'd find a friendly snowboard shop or ask around the other regulars as the snowboard community is a friendly supportive one so will probably offer better advice than me. 

Thanks! Great advice. 

Love this! I reckon I can turn it into a (much needed) garden bench. Will add hairpin legs and varnish.

I’ll drop you a DM re: collection time/address. I can collect tomorrow or Sunday, depending on what suits you.


Hi Inger,

You are welcome to the board, but it does have some flex so is highly unlikely to support the weight of a person sitting without it being reinforced underneath. Just pushing the middle with my hand causes quite a bend. I think it would need to be put on top of an existing bench or support. if that's still of interest or you just want to take a look first then let me know. I'll accept your request in the meantime.

Hi there,

ah yes, I hadn’t factored in the flex - very good point. I think that’s still ok. After some research, it seems chunkier metal legs (probably in the middle too) or even a full metal frame to reinforce underneath is the way to go. So, yes, still interested and I’ll message you - thank you for accepting my request. 

Great, sounds like you have other ways to make it work with the flex. I'll reply on the message and we'll arrange a time.



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