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Hi All,

I have a resident who is in desperate need of a rollator. She is prepared to borrow it and look after it until her referral goes through the normal channels. Please contact me and I will pass on the message - alice@reachandconnect.net.

Many thanks in advance.

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Is Red Cross any good - will keep eye open outside charity shops where sometimes see one looking forlorn

Thank you. It looks like someone very kind may be able to loan one so fingers crossed this works out! I believe the Red Cross does also hire them out, so if all fails I will ask my resident if she is prepared to hire one. 

Fingers crossed!

I have two. Take your pick. One folds back to front and the other side to side. Both new and unused although one is a bit grubby.

Thanks so much for the offers! I have managed to source one from another resident via HoL. She is so happy. If I have any other people needing one, I will definitely bear you in mind. Thank you so much. What a great community we have!

Hi Madeline, 

If you are still ok with this, my resident is very keen to take you up on your offer.

She is worried that she will not get one from social care by the time she has to return the one she has received on temporary loan. There seems to have been a massive delay in getting her referral to the correct services so she doesn't feel confident she will get hers in time.

You can call me on 07308 968 337 or email me on alice@reachandconnect.net

Many thanks again!



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