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Before I dragged the Christmas tree down to Finsbury Park, I decided to check the council website again - it seems they have seen sense in the last week and updated their page yesterday to offer free collections to households (not flats apparently) that haven't signed up for the new paid for garden waste collection. They just need to be cut to 1 metre lengths.


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Nice one, thanks Nick G-T

This is a daft suggestion that residents have to cut a three meter long Xmas tree into three sections of one meter before they will collect it. The trunks are hard to cut and the prickly leaves make it hard to access the trunk. Most residents are not strong enough to cut the tree and do not have a saw! 

I have seen so many flytipped trees in Wood Green this week. The council will not collect them because they are not cut into handy portions to load into their large vans! 

cut into 1m lengths. That's all, then. (sarcasm) My shoulders killing me. Can't get my son to help. Plus needles getting between the cracks of my patio will look awful for months and encourage weeds. Not everyone possesses a saw, either. Meanwhile they have perfectly good trucks equipped with shredders (and the bark chips cd go to Parks and allotments). I don't blame people for flytipping. Serves H Council right. If we could coordinate it, it would be great to do a mass flytipping. Dump all our Xmas trees on the Civic Centre steps. This is what happens when you privatise services.

Ach,  they never bothered picking up our tree, and all cut to length too! veolia are utter shite. 

Same with ours, cur to size as required. I called to report it on Weds. They responded on Thursday to say that the tree would be collected on Friday. They collected it today (Saturday). 

So it sounds like the secret is not to cut it!!

Ours has not been collected yet either despite being chopped and packed into our garden waste bag from the previous regime.  

(Waste/recycling collection occurred as usual).

Update: It was collected after a couple of requests to Veolia by email.
It was a surgical strike, they did not remove trees from neighbours' gardens even though a couple of them seemed to meet the removal requirements.  Guess there'll be a few extras adorning the street as spring approaches.

Saw them being chucked in the back of the general waste collection lorry so not being recycled as I thought they would be,



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