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HI have a wooden desk (metal legs) and pine wardrobe going free. both in good condition. Desk just needs sanding down and a vanish.

Desk is 1.2m across 74cm deep /74cm high. Lets unscrew for easy move.

Wardrobe 2m high 65 cm width and 48 cm deep 

pics below

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The wardrobe is the perfect size, Can I come and collect today or tomorrow?

Where about's are they located? feel free to PM me today.

Thanks Dee

If by any chance Dee doesn't want it I would love the wardrobe!


I messaged Dee. I will let you know. I'd like to get rid of it this week is the main thing. 

Thanks for the Wardrobe. Look great. Nice meeting you too... 

No worries, glad it found a new home. Nice to meet you too. Cheers

I would be interested in taking the desk if it is still available?

Hey yes desk still available. Yours if you come and pick it up ideally this week. 

Can I be third in line for the wardrobe please (depending upon your location)?

hi Gordon  i'm very late in the day but if the others fall through i'm furnishing a flat for my daughter and thse would be perfect - could collect any time that suits



Will let you know. Thanks  



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