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I know this is a strange offer.....but I bought a 2.25litre box of Chilean Merlot from the Co-Op which I just don't like enough to drink. I prefer my red to be smooth, and this certainly isn't. So, rather than waste it, I'm hoping it can find a more appreciative home!

Photo attached. If interested, please message me and pick up from Raleigh Road.


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Cook with it. If you are not veggie use it in beef stews!  

Or use it to make mulled wine?

Thanks for suggestions Justin and Angela. I'm a veggie (although I'm sure there are veggie recipes with wine) and don't particularly like mulled wine! So it's still up for grabs......

Another suggestion - make vinegar! Add wine and vinegar mother to a jar, cover with cloth and wait a few weeks. 

What a good idea - thank you!

No worries. I'm writing a book all about fermented food and drink, with a chapter on vinegar so it came to mind. Make sure it's only covered with cloth as it needs oxygen (until it has turned to vinegar, then it should be sealed). 

How interesting! I've already made some just now, using the mother from some cider vinegar I have. Yup, I've put a cloth over it but thanks for the tip.



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