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My garden backs on to the Elmar Road allotments and is clearly very attractive to the local foxes as I have a constant and very persistent fox smell in my garden. It's so bad I can't sit in my garden or even open my back windows.

I have tried using Scoot which was recommended on the internet and have also put curry and chilli powder down but no improvement. I hose down my garden regularly. They are clearly coming in over the fence as there is no evidence of digging.

Can anyone help please before we run out of summer!


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There is no evidence of rodents anywhere near and certainly no-one leaves any food around.  I think now it's a case of their returing to their marked territories so hopefully once I have at least got rid of the vile smell they should keep away.

Wish me luck!


Don't use fishing line etc. could hurt or kill birds/cats/wildlife.



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