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My garden backs on to the Elmar Road allotments and is clearly very attractive to the local foxes as I have a constant and very persistent fox smell in my garden. It's so bad I can't sit in my garden or even open my back windows.

I have tried using Scoot which was recommended on the internet and have also put curry and chilli powder down but no improvement. I hose down my garden regularly. They are clearly coming in over the fence as there is no evidence of digging.

Can anyone help please before we run out of summer!


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There are a lot of babies around at the moment.
Have a look at the Fox Project website. It is very helpful.
Have a man urinate around the garden, but. not one with very smelly wee.

Thanks for this info, Kieran.  The Fox Project website is indeed very helpful and amongst other things made me aware that foxes don't just stick to the grass or beds areas in a garden - I had been treating these religiously whilst ignoring the patio and other concrete areas.  It seems also that they like to play around on my back porch roof at night as a recent occupant of my spare room discovered, so I am concentrating my efforts there as well.

Will update on this problem!


Hi Helen,

We had a massive problem with foxes a couple of years back. Real low point was one morning when my then toddler stepped in runny fox poo in her slippers. Anyway! as Kieran has said there will be lots of cubs around at the moment and they will move on as the adults will push them out of their territory  at the end of the summer.That's what happened to us. One day they were just gone. 

One thing that did help was to have a friend's dog in our garden for a day.  Mr Artex Monkey also did the scent marking thing. Also if you have any kids toys, shoes etc outside take them in at night. Don't leave anything out that can provide them with any entertainment...

Don't waste your money on those fancy infra red high frequency things - our foxes dug them up and chewed them. Total waste of money.

You have my sympathies as it is a total PITA. Foxes are a total menace. I'm sure the HOL fur lovers will be along soon to stick up for these mangy beasts...

Foxes are lovely

Thanks for this!  I do make a point of keeping the garden empty and boring so there is nothing for them to play with.  I am sure my neighbour would welcome my offer to dog-sit for a day so will try this as well.

I have always been non-commital on the foxes debate but am very much decided now that they do not belong near my garden (to put it mildly!)


We were advised by the councils fox expert to keep a garden sprinkler on at night as they getting sprayed. The guy I spoke with said peeing is no good. We have a dog and the foxes taunt her through our doors!

Yes there are some animal-deterrent sprinklers on the market (see the Fox Project website) but spending more money on this problem is a last resort for me! 


I had a fox problem last year, and tried all the usual deterrents. The only one which worked reliably was a motion activated sprinkler:


Foxes will take a path of least resistance. I had foxes coming in at dawn, knocking stuff over a mucking about. Didn't mind till they started leaving a mess and digging stuff up. I chased them and checked their route out. Then I realised they were jumping thru some broken trellising that was overgrown. Removed and replaced seem to work. There is a limit to how high they can climb, so don't give them easy access, ie water butts, shed roofs, piles of compost in the corner etc.

Thanks Nick - see my reply to VIX above. I will certainly keep this in mind though


Try green and clear bottles filled with water, it certainly stops cats visiting lawns. Might work with foxes.

Another alternative might be tying fishing line or braid between points.  It certainly scares herons off because they worry about hurting their feet.

Any idea what is attracting them?  Rodents?  Someone putting out scraps?

Plastic bottles filled with water, does that really work and if so why ?



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