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I am slightly worried that we have a fox den complete with baby foxes living in our shed. The babies are very cute but I would like my shed/garden back.

Any tips or are we going to need to wait till the babies leave home? And can I at least teach them to do a bit of weeding to earn their keep?

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Please wait until the babies leave home.

Any video you could post here?! Going with Pat's advice ...

We had a fox den with a vixen and baby foxes in our garden all last year. A year of cuteness overload.

Martin at the National Fox Welfare Society was super helpful with advice (links below).

(And yes, please do not wait until the cubs are big enough to leave home, which happens some time in early autumn, though ours stayed well into November. We loved having them in the garden and rather miss them. Dont know about weeding, but ours got quite good at pulling laundry off the line.)

National Fox Welfare Society: http://www.nfws.org.uk/

Their FB page:
The Fox Project also has useful info: http://foxproject.org.uk/

Try contacting the Mama Cat Trust (https://www.facebook.com/MamaCatTrust/) contrary to the name their main focus is actually foxes (started out as cat rescue), they actively rescue foxes and provide advice and are very committed and able, they helped me by rescuing a fox who'd become trapped nearby a few months ago.

Yes you're right Marcus. We also got good advice from Mama Cat Trust in respect of a injured fox needing help and the fox is now better. For anyone needing help/advice on foxes, you can email mamacattrust@googlemail.com

(They also have monthly fox rescue meetings, if anyone is interested in learning or getting involved in helping).

Oh wow! Lucky you!!! I had some in my garden when I lived on Hornsey Rd. Cutest things ever. Used to love watching them running around and was rather sad when they left. 

I have 3 massive fox dens at the bottom of my garden but I have never seen any foxes big or small. Or maybe they just like digging big holes and destroying my garden. I wish they would at least come and entertain me with their cuteness in return for putting up with their unruly behaviour 



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