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Has anyone else noticed a little posse of foxes (I think possibly now reduced to one, but I'm not sure about that) who seem to be in one of the Hewitt gardens about four up from the passage heading east?

I live directly behind what I think it the garden of choice (I'm on Seymour) and must admit the fox is doing my head in slightly as it keeps trashing a particular section of the garden. I've now just given up on it until I can work out a way of keeping the fox out.

It's very adventurous and regularly comes right up to the back door during the day, which means that we've now got to keep it closed all the time in case it comes in the house. Plus it makes me nervous about letting my son play outside on his own. Both of these are obviously a bit annoying during the summer.

Does anyone have any ideas about either where it lives or what you can do to get rid of them, or at least keep them out your garden. And do foxes eventually move on, or does this mean that the fox will stay in that garden unless the residents of the house do something?

There was a fairly scary sounding bit of fox action about half an hour ago (ten or so, Wed night) - if you heard that then you're in the area I'm talking about!

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Has anyone used Rentokill or other companies to remove foxes in humane traps when foxes are digging up the garden and destroying plants? If so have you got their phone number please? Some plants in the garden have been flattened in the garden and the plants destroyed by foxes;and foxes keep digging down. Also what do you do if neighbours gardens are like a wilderness where foxes live in an overgrown jungle next door,then hop over the fence and wreck your garden.
I would be careful about using traps or poison, as they will hurt other animals, cats in particular. We have two foxes who visit our garden everyday and this is because my neighbor's garden is practically a jungle/full of junk and they like to hide there. We had the same problem in our previous flat, where the foxes nested in an abandoned shed. Once the shed got removed and the garden was cleaned up, the foxes moved elsewhere.



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