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That's what we have to look forward to - with a short respite on the second weekend in June. People who want to use the park in this lovely weather will find half of it blocked and the other half filled with concert vehicles, litter, etc not to mention the sound levels. And those of us wanting to spend the weekends relaxing in our gardens with have a constant background of thumping music.

I really don't object to it being used for one or two weekend concerts per year, but this is well over the top - there are more in September - and deprives us both of use of a public amenity and of our right to peace. If the neighbours were regularly playing music this loud we could call the council, but in this case they are the ones responsible.

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To be fair Ben, I used to live there and never heard a thing. Wrong side of the road, need to be on the ladder

But to all the moaners, the massive festivals have been here over 30 years I’ve lived here, and if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t have moved here. Full stop

and the amount of stress and negativity the moaners indulge in, will cause them far more harm than a bit of loud music a few days

" moaner " = " someone who has a different opinion to you "

Some of us were here before the concerts and didn’t have a choice , and still don’t .

I don't think I've seen an estate agent's description including the words " Walking distance from Finsbury Park festivals attracting up to 45,000 music fans. "

If you were moving into the area in Winter, how would you know ? Ask the outgoing resident " By the way, is it ever noisy round here " ?

Ah the maddening thump - thump- thump of the ballet pumps

You could hear it 100 yards away.

From the Anglo-Polish ballet in 1948, indeed. Now there's a thing to ponder in 2018.



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