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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

This kitty followed me for blocks (and had apparently followed several other people before me according to people on the street), meawing his/her head off. S/he was super hungry, but otherwise seemed well looked after. Extremely friendly and acting needy. Tried to get on my lap after I fed him/her and would sit on my feet when I tried to leave. Fed and safely off the road now. S/he is not microcipped and isnt wearing a collar.

Anyone recognize this darling?

Initially found on Pulford Rd, N15, back of Seven Sisters Rd

More pics showing his/her markings in the attachments.

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Hi Anka - yes, we scanned the kitty - unfortunately isnt microchipped. S/he's in the care of Stokey Cats and Dogs now and we're trying to find his/her people.

Well done Vlatka and Stokey Cats and Dogs for helping the cat as it's not safe for a cat to be out the front roaming on the street like that. It's a pity that the cat isn't microchipped. Hope the cat has an owner.

The cat has very similar markings, but not the same, as another cat found injured in the same area last month. That cat was not microchipped either and I think the cat also needed neutering and no owner was found.

For any cat owners out there, Animal Rescue charities advise that it is vital that pets are microchipped and neutered. Cats enjoy catflap access to a back garden, but it's best to lock the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost or injured. Remember not to let them out the front door by mistake.

There is a poster for a missing black & white cat at the bottom of Caversham Road, junction with West Green Road - I was peering at it from the bus in case it was the (yet another) black and white stray I'm fostering at the moment - it wasn't 'mine' but it would be worth a look or someone taking a photo is they are nearby

Thanks Cathie. It's quite some distance from where this cat was but you never know. I'll try to pass by this weekend if no one else reports in the meantime. Good luck with reuniting "your" one with its people...



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