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Found - image of North end Wightman Road towards junction with Turnpike Lane, 1948

Finally, I found an image of the north end of Wightman Road; a part that was so much changed by the creation of the Wood Green bypass. It's from a newspaper article about a baby that fell from an upper floor window and was heroically caught by a man who had been  on the other side of the road. 

Below is the scene today from Google Street View.

Next, the article about the incident from the Daily News on 7th July 1948.

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Wow, great find,  and what a change to how it looks now.

At the far end of Wightman on the corner, on the left, you can just see a single storey building. This was a former cinema. I've just posted more about what this was being used for at the time this photo was taken.  

A good news story, much needed for this New Year. Well done, Hugh!

Fantastic find, thank you for sharing this.

It makes me feel sad seeing all the character ripped from our streets, all the shops demolished and businesses lost.  Just leaving streets devoid of all character.  Progress...............   But good old Stanley.....guardian angel no question.  And he just..."went back to his potatoes" !!  Wonder what happened to Dolores ???

I went to school with her 

Fancy that! Did she ever mention this incident?

Reader, I married her.

Apologies to Jane Austen.



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