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"Foreign entities holding English/Welsh real estate"

Hi All,

This caught my eye. An interactive map of all property held by foreign entities. 

“If you click on a property you can see its land registry details … You’ll also see the name of the foreign entity … You can then click on “people” and “beneficial owners” to see who the registered beneficial owner is”

There are notes beneath the map saying exactly what the map can and cannot reveal.


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This is great! As expected some of the ‘beneficial owners’ are law firms acting on behalf of the actual owner.

It appears that Costa Apollo Ltd, registered in Cyprus, own half of those properties in Harringay. 

I assume that those properties are well maintained and that the tenants are well served.

Like all of the properties owned by 'good proper English' people, Gordon?

Do you have an alert set up for mention of 'foreigners' or do you just avidly watch out for any opportunity to impugn them?

How do you know they are "foreigners", James?

I think you have inadvertently revealed yourself there.

My point was to query why anyone would wish to set up in Cyprus in order to lease out residential and commercial property in London. They only reason I can think of is to avoid scrutiny. 

Given your deep concern over these things, I'd assumed you'd bothered to look at the link provided to Companies House for Apollo. The two men named as beneficial owners of the company are doing a poor job of trying to avoid scrutiny.

There's no need to be coy about your intent. Your reputation precedes you, Gordon.

Glad to be of service James. Where would we be without people such as yourself helpfully keeping us all on track.

Actually there are good tax reasons. Commercial (not residential) property held by a non-UK company which itself is owned by a non-UK domiciled individual (or by a trust created by someone who was non-UK domiciled when they established the trust) avoids inheritance tax. Nothing illegal about that.

Who cares ? I used to live in Belgium and bought a house there. Was that a bad thing ?

Bet you paid Belgian taxes though John

Sorry. I only skimmed through this. I must have missed the bit where it said these owners were guilty of tax evasion.

Have a look at where the owners of the properties are registered for tax purposes.

Are you saying that's not legal ? Evasion is illegal, avoidance is not. I used to claim mortgage interest paid against taxes. That's tax avoidance.



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