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These were in situ when we first moved in in 1984 and probably date from around 1900.  Each tile is approximately 18cms square with slight variations in design - some have the double inset shape as show below and some just a single arch as shown in the second picture.

I have 100, so the lot would be good for 18 linear metres of garden border or path edging.

I'm selling these at £4 each but I can come to an arrangement for bulk purchases.  Send me a connection request if you're interested in coming to have a look at them.  I'm on The Ladder.


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I would be very interested - will try and fathom out connection request.

Dear Michael - I wouuld indeed be interested if you have any left. Many thanks Kate

Hello Kate. I've accepted your connection request so feel free to mail me. You're the first person to express an interest so you can have as many as you like!
Daytimes or early evening work best for me if you want to have a look (and there's daylight to see by)

Hi Michael, I'd love to come and have a look at these if you have any left. Andy.

Thanks Andy. I’ll give Kate first refusal but if there are any left you’re welcome to pop round for a rummage.

Thanks Michael. I'd love to have a poke around any time you're free.

Hi Michael, as you know I'm extremely interested. I'm a bit old school and wondered if you could give me your measurements in inches? Sorry if I'm being a pain in the arse! Andy.

I'll check later. It's a bit too dark to see at the moment

you can put it in Google, it's approx 7 inches ...


See below Andy. Don't know if that satisfies your requirements.

I am fully satisfied by seven inches, thanks!



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