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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Very good condition with soft case.


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I'd be v interested in an OM1 but not sure that's the right picture!

Could be right, my mate sent a photo to me to use due to my technological incompetence.  Looked like mine apart from numbers on lens. My lens does not extend! You are welcome to come and check it out, send me a contact number if you are interested. 

Is it a digital or a film camera ? Olympus have used he OM1 model designation for many years, covering different models.

It’s the original film OM1. The ‘new’ one costs about £2500!

That is actually an Olympus AZ-300, not an OM1.  This is what an OM1 looks like....

Yeah, I got in touch about it and it is an az300 for sale, not an OM1. 

Price is about right for an AZ300 - be a bargain for an OM1!

That's what I was hoping! 

Hi, is this camera still available? I’d love to come and check it out this weekend if that is possible.

I think it might be in the Crouch End branch of Oxfam on Park Road - if it isn't there is an identical Olympus AZ300 on sale for £25 when I looked yesterday...



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