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Hello neighbours, I got a flat flat tyre on my bike yesterday and I need it repaired. Only problem is I need a local place where I can walk the bike to. Mycycle seems to be closed until Sep. Is there anywhere else local I could take it to? Thanks!

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There's a bike guy at the Castle Climbing Centre, or theres one at Finsbury Park. I'm not aware of any in wood green or green lanes..

Repairing a flat tyre is a good skill to learn though and shouldn't take you long at all. You can purchase new inner tubes for cheap online (amazon, ebay, bike shops etc) and watch a youtube video how to replace. 

Thanks. I will check out the one at the Castle Climbing Centre. Failing that I might try to repair myself.

Paul Panayi is a bike mechanic who will pick up your bike from your home and drop it off again. He was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot fault his work. Prices very reasonable +44 7949 066889

Thanks for this recommendation too! I will keep it in mind for next time. I managed to dismantle the front wheel and took it to the place near the castle and got it fixed. Thanks!

Anton, for this hi-tech operation you need some hi-tech tools and skills:

e.g. two forks or serving spoons from kitchen drawer;

1 old style razor blade;

1 plastic or metal basin half-full of water;

1 or 2 inner tube patches;

1 small tube of inner tube rubber solution (ok, 'adhesive');

1 bicycle pump;

Now work out the rest for yourself. Nobody with a bike should need help to mend a puncture.

To clean or roughen the inner tube to ensure a good adhesion of the patch ?

Surely all bicyclists carry a puncture repair kit in the small leather satchel attached to the rear of the saddle ?

The sixties called....they want their leather satchel back...

Fixing punctures at the roadside is faffy and time consuming. Spare tube for the first puncture (and probably second if touring). If the misfortune continues, pre-glued patches.

Right Osbawn and quite correct, John D. The elders still have a place in Hol society, apparently, though sometimes it's tempting to leave all boomers & post-boomers in their learned ignorance.

Post-boomer repair kits usually have a small square of sandpaper for this purpose. 

Yes - yes! I had completely forgotten this till you said that! And now remember the whole tin and 'feel' of it... How funny.. 



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