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Does anyone know about Fire Risk Assessment? Who needs one, who does them etc.

Any info appreciated.

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are you talking about domestic property? Basic idea is to maintain a 'protected escape route'. If you live in a flat, this is everything from your flat front door to the street door PLUS the door into your own flat, which needs to be a fire door.

The onus to have this Fire Risk Assessment completed (and reviewed on a regular basis) lies with the 'landlord' of the building. Costs for this may be passed on to individual flat owners/renters. You are entitled to have access to a copy of this (as an 'interested party')

No fire risk assessment is required for a house containing a single household.

yes ... thankyou ken ... i was looking for someone to do a FRA can you suggest someone?

The house I have part responsibility for had an assessment done by the firm called Fire Safety Assessments Ltd. They do what it says on the tin, indeed. The assessor was a former firefighter, so no doubt had experience of fires where there had been avoidable loss of life.

thankyou bob ... if you don't mind ...what could i expect in terms of cost and do you get some kind of report?

i will send you a private message if you would prefer that.


For an assessment of the common areas of a house containing 4 flats we paid (in 2018) £195+VAT. We received a 30-page report, including photos. Their website now says that their prices start from £145+VAT, but I'm not sure what you get for that. You would need to contact them to check.

that's great thankyou :)



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