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With half of the park fenced off to allow 45,000 people to destroy the natural habitat the rest of us are under siege - we will be unable to leave our homes and open our windows.  Those who can have left the area but of course many can’t.  Drug dealers already busy and plenty of antisocial behaviour expected not to mention the unbearable noise.

None of this needed to happen - all of it inflicted on us by Haringey Council who can’t manage its finances so think the pittance they will get might help.  Not a thought for some of the most deprived people in our community now unable to use a much loved open space for the month of July.  This must stop and the perpetrator Haringey Council held accountable.   Add your voice to the 500+ people who have already signed. .https://www.change.org/p/hands-off-our-park you

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They are monitoring near where I live, but being crafty about it.  The microphone is on the side of the street which is sheltered from the noise by the houses.  If one crosses the road and continues a few yards the noise increases significantly as the shelter disappears.  Crafty, because by such placing  the event organisers can then say that the noise levels were OK.

I can't imagine how loud it must be living close by. We're at the other end of the Ladder near Ducketts Common and we can hear it pretty clearly in our back garden.

It ended with fireworks again. I was in my garden when the first one went off, (15 minutes before schedule). I thought an engine or speaker had exploded until I looked round and saw the fireworks. I saw startled birds flying away and the bats that I've been seeing at the backs of our houses for the last couple of years have now disappeared.

It’s likely that what you were hearing at that end of the ladder was the Primal Scream gig at Ally Pally , not the Finsbury Park festival 

You think you've got it bad. Try living in my flat when the Polish neighbours upstairs crank up their hifi system and start playing euro house at full volume! I got it sorted (for the now that is) as I know their landlord personally and messaged her with a video of the noise. As for the crime, err grime music. This sort of music is very much bass heavy so I could imagine it being a nuisance at times, but look at the park and where its located. Its in the perfect demographic  area for this type of music (and before someone gets triggered and accuses me of racism I'm not specifying any particular ethnic group in that comment) because its in an urban area. You wouldn't get the Garsington Opera in Finsbury Park would you? As for the licencing for these events remember this. FP has for decades been used for live music, Madness, the Sex Pistols etc have all played there over the past 20 or so years so its not a recent thing. Summer will be over soon and we can all enjoy peaceful nights again. 

When I first moved here 40+ years ago it was used as a park with the occasional small events that you could walk around the perimeter of. and sometimes join in with free of charge. This (pic) was the first major event that I remember. The promoters put up a fence incorporating the side gate in Seven Sisters Rd, no access for park users, right across to the footbridge entrance and took over most of the bottom end of the park. Just because something has been going on for a long time doesn't mean it's right and that it should continue.


Err? We Stroud Green folk (and others) recently had a chance to vote out the long-entenched cabal perpetuating this annual round of destrucive, disruptive fiascos. But we put 'em back in with increased majorities. So the SG folk just gonna have to suck it up for another 4 years (IMHO, obs).



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