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With half of the park fenced off to allow 45,000 people to destroy the natural habitat the rest of us are under siege - we will be unable to leave our homes and open our windows.  Those who can have left the area but of course many can’t.  Drug dealers already busy and plenty of antisocial behaviour expected not to mention the unbearable noise.

None of this needed to happen - all of it inflicted on us by Haringey Council who can’t manage its finances so think the pittance they will get might help.  Not a thought for some of the most deprived people in our community now unable to use a much loved open space for the month of July.  This must stop and the perpetrator Haringey Council held accountable.   Add your voice to the 500+ people who have already signed. .https://www.change.org/p/hands-off-our-park you

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It's an homage to the style Muddy Waters adopted during his mid-career dry spell.

Really you’re upset by that??? I made a mistake… I meant grime hahaha this heat is getting to me. As I said I’m not keen on it but I don’t want it to not happen, also just meant that it would be nice to have a variety rather than it heavily biased towards one type. I’m very much a supporter of live music… going to about 3 gigs a week on average. No connotations, just very reasonable and sensible suggestions of other things to do if it really is getting to people that much that they are locking themselves in their houses and getting themselves into a frenzy on sweltering days because they can’t bear hearing it. I’m not a massive fan of George Ezra either  but I’ve quite enjoyed listening to it in the garden this evening. 

Those are nice ideas, and I'm sure your comment is well meant, but I imagine that a lot of people living within earshot of the side of the park where the concerts are just wouldn't have the money/time to go off on such jaunts and will be spending a sweltering weekend with their windows shut. 

I’m one of these people. If you can afford to live on the ladder you can afford a few quid train or fare! Or if you really can’t then take a walk over to the Heath, it’s really pleasant and not that far.or walk over to the Lea valley and take a picnic.  Far more pleasant use of your time and better for your mental health than sitting in your house with the windows shut on a summers evening working yourself into a frenzy. I actually sat out in my garden last night, had a bbq and a few wines and didn’t mind the music from the concert at all. It’s how you frame these things. 

Mate, it's just a couple of days, get over yourself. If you want to know what it's really like to be under seige, have a chat to a Ukranian. 

Weirdly, for a park that allegedly is inaccessible, there seemed to be a lot of people enjoying it at the weekend, including myself. American footballers training, people sunbathing, having picnics, athletes training at the stadium, walkers like myself, kids in the playground. Happy to share the park. Did you conduct a survey to ascertain the economic status of the many people using the park at the weekend or did you just make up the bit about the most deprived people not being allowed access?

We have similar on Tottenham High Road. SInce the new Spurs stadium opened we've had to endure a number of music events where the volume is way too high and the noise comes through our closed, doubled glazed windows 400 yards away. If their audience is inside the stadium why doesn't the sound remain inside it as well? What's the point of disturbing the whole community who are trying to hear their TVs and radios above the noise?

Trying to contact the council to complain is a vain endeavour, and finding the right email address for Spurs stadium complaints is also nigh on impossible. 

I've no objections to the actual events taking place as it brings money into Tottenham but it's just the noise levels which shouldn't be allowed.

I was walking a friends dog on the night of the Guns n Roses gig a few mins walk from the stadium and couldn’t hear a thing. Perhaps they’ve fixed it? 

I live 5 minutes from the park, I have a young family, and use it most days.  I wholeheartedly support the festivals and think they’re being run well.  It’s great to see young people enjoying themselves communally once again.  Finsbury Park has a long history as an iconic large scale music venue.  It is of a size that can accommodate these events with less than half being fenced off for the few weeks each year.  We also badly need the income in our borough.  The recent improvements in the park have had to be paid for and more will be possible now these events are being staged.

To all the white middle class dog-walking NIMBYs incessantly complaining and wishing Finsbury Park was Clissold Park, or some kind of Home Counties country estate: you don’t speak for us all and you’re not universally supported by other locals.  And, before anyone casts doubt on my comment, I have zero conflicts of interest - I just don’t agree with most of you on this forum.

And here you go, the new wave of racism and classism..."to all the WHITE MIDDLE CLASS dog-walking NIMBYs". 

This was so unnecessary, so unnecessary to write. Can people build proper arguments nowadays that does not contain some form of oppression based ideas?

I do get what point you are trying to make but do you really need to jump on the bandwagon of 'oppression theories' and argue on the basis of believing that everyone in this chain who commented are white and middle class, hence horrible people?

There are plenty of people who are not white nor middle class in the neighbourhood who weren't too happy about the last few weeks events at Finsbury Park. Fact. Is it the majority? Don't know.

Please be less racist, less classist, and learn to build an argument without bringing in race theory, social classes, feminism, trans issues etc etc etc.

People in the neighbourhood have the right to complain and you have your right to believe that all is alright with the festivals. But stop being racist.

Thank you.

(your ethnic minority neighbour)

I'm not being racist, Steve - I'm observing what's going on here:  the majority of people in positions of influence and power in our borough - in particular the campaign groups - are privileged white middle class people, despite the area not being majority white middle class.  The young people bouncing round wireless last weekend, having an amazing time enjoying their thing, those guys aren't white middle class either.  So why are Friends of Finsbury Park, the Woodland Trust and all the other self-appointed guardians of our public spaces in the main run by white middle class people?   They're a vocal minority who manage to dominate the public discourse, in the media and in local politics and on forums like this, but they're unrepresentative.  Gentrification and cultural dominance by one powerful group is a real thing in this part of the world... and I have every right to call that out.  Thank you.  (respectfully, from one ethnic minority neighbour to another).

Thank you so much Benjamin C, I totally agree with everything you've said. I recognise these are emotive issues and I know I get really upset reading some of what's written on this forum so often feel it's best for me to refrain from commenting. I find it interesting that the OP talks about the most deprived people in our community. Haringey has some of the most deprived areas in the country and social services are really stretched, so yes, money from these festivals does help and no, you can't put the entirety of the blame on the Council mismanaging it's finances, that's just ridiculous! And I live really near the park, don't recognise any of the bands/musicians or music, but the noise is not that loud, does not go on late and doesn't bother me at all. It's for a couple weekends in the summer, plus we've had a two year break. I really fail to see what the big deal is!



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