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Does anybody know the songs played today, I found the bands but have never heard of them. I like the melody to some of the songs, as they waft on the air into my room. I know that a lot of folk take issue with noise pollution, but it ends promptly at 22:30 and is a good source of revenue, some of the music is actually not bad.

I found the following, if anybody a little more hip than I can fill in the blanks:


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Cigarettes after Sex were just playing (6pm ish), my daughter likes them and was listening to them.

I enjoyed Pulp last night, I saw them in Finsbury Park in 1997/8 and they were brilliant then too.

I heard Cocker whilst I was walking past, he used another song and slowed it down, can't be sure what it was but it was familiar.

www.setlist.fm will tell you

Thank you.
I swear I heard "Babies", "Weeds II" and "Pink Glove" from Cocker, but the one with the sample I couldn't find.

He likes to perform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOzi-AMEeho

I'm assuming it was down to the wind or something but I'm about a mile and a half away and could hear a lot of Friday and Sunday's music but virtually none of Saturday.

Compared to some of the other gigs over the year I didn't mind it, probably due to the lack of persistent bass.



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