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According to this report

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Interesting - the actual details of the report appear to have finally been released after weeks of delay.

Is there any news on why Downhills park lost theirs?

"The Hope picnic area was branded a “total disgrace”, an area at the centre of the park was said to be “teeming with rats” and benches were so bad inspectors want them removed."

All fair points. I guess the next question is what are the council doing about this? 

The various festivals clear up "after themselves" but not after their staff who hold boozy after parties in this area.

Have now attached below Maddy’s post a pdf of the full report with thanks to Clive Carter for getting it out to us. 

As far as I know the Downhills report is still under wraps. I will publish it as soon as I can get my hands on it. 

I appreciate that Finsbury Park is in Haringey but I do not see what benefit the majority of the tax payers of Haringey get from it. It's much more of an amenity for the residents at the top of Hackney and Islington. Downhill's on the other hand, should be looked at very carefully.

I agree john.  All I use that park for is "cutting through.   

Being right at the southern tip of the borough, Finsbury Park does feel a little detached from the rest of Haringey. 

It's been an amenity for Londoners beyond the borough for almost 300 years. Before the park, the Hornsey Wood Tavern, in its various guises, was an immensely popular day-trip out for Londoners of all classes.

The purpose of creating of the park was to ensure the retention of significant green space for Londoners from in and around The City. So its stewardship by the GLC was wholly appropriate. 

The decision in 1986 to hand the park to Haringey was, I'm guessing, based on the historic and current borough boundaries which place the park in Haringey (and before 1965 in Hornsey). But I can't help thinking that a solution that better matched its historic (and as it turns out) present day use by non-borough residents would have been more appropriate. 

Even though a good few years ago - When a Park Keeper their are a lot of Users did from Haringey.

Based on past bookings and dealings with users. Especially morning and evenings for Dog Walks

Though I read issue that the Park was supposed to get All money received from Activities 

Expect big issue is state of Grassed areas after concerts. Especially trod in Glass etc

Rather hard when the Budget is cut so Bad

Thanks Liz. Quite an indictment of both the central government funding cuts and Haringey's stewardship.  It must be a very disheartening read for the remaining staff who I'm sure work hard to do the best they can with diminished resources.

State of Finsbury Park
Thanks for the Report on Green flag failure. It's a damning indictment of Haringey Parks management and the Council.
I agree that its use is mainly by Hackney and Islington residents, like me from Queens Drive. I use the park about three times weekly and appreciate its amenity. I am prepared to pay a contribution to its upkeep via Hackney Council in return for reasonable management and to support community participation like litter picking, etc.
This Saturday, Nov 24th 2018 is the annual Tree Charter weekend where the public are invited to celebrate trees and support them. Look for information at Blackstock Rd Library.
Finsbury Park clearly needs community support and we can't let lazy Councils let it rot.
Regards, Mark D. N4 2AR



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