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After the near death of the railway that runs through the heart of Harringay in the Sixties, the line struggled on for decades before getting a shot in the arm when it was taken over by TfL in 2006.

Whilst the line has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, it has remained one of the few non-electrified lines in London.

That's all about to change.

Two weeks ago it was announced that a contract has been awarded to electrify the line for it's full 12 mile stretch between Gospel Oak to Barking in Essex.

The electrification work will run from June 2016 until April 2017 with new services planned to start in June 20i7.

In summer this year a contract was also placed to build 45 new trains for London Overground. Eight of these shiny new trains are to serve the line that runs through central Harringay. They will run in four-carriage formation.

During the work travellers will no doubt experience line closures and rail replacement buses (as they are currently until the end of November).

Further information from www.barking-gospeloak.org.uk

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Great news to have a date at last. Thanks for posting Hugh.

Great news indeed. Hopefully some of those new trains will come this way to Tottenham and serve the newest TFL OG line between Liverpool street and Enfield/Cheshunt.

That will drive the improvements we have been calling out for. There is no real need for the sky high towers being planned by Haringey Council's 'regeneration' bedfellows - Grainger's Apex House 22 storey blot on the Page Green conservation area the cynical  THFC plans to demolish more of the unique Historic Corridor in Nort...

At least 30 of these new 4-car units will be allocated to the Liverpool Street - Cheshunt (via Seven Sisters)/Chingford/Enfield Town services, replacing all the existing trains.

Glenn Wallis



You can see the press release that BGORUG issued here

Also starting this weekend buses replace Barking - Gospel Oak trains on Saturdays as well as Sundays, the bus timetables and stopping places are here 

Glenn Wallis





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