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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

After three tries, I finally seem to have got Google's mapper to put Harringay's name on the map.

But, unfortunately, they plopped it down right where Sainsbury's is.

So, I'm now trying to get them to shift it somewhere more central.

Aaah, little things.................

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Good on you Hugh.

Does Ms Canver know you're doing this?
Is this a case of "close but no cigar"?

Well done Hugh!

I suppose one could say they need a nudge in the left direction!
That's great news Hugh... Well done, a very big deal IMO - Who's next?
I don't want this to sound over the top, yet at the same time I have to say...

IMO This is a victory for anyone who is passionate about the area, and it's history (little acorns, and all that). So, Thank you.

If ok with you I would like to mark the achievement by refering to it in my next featured Property Blog on Harringay. In fact... the more I think about it, the more I think it should be documented, in the same way in which we see bits of Harringay's history on Wikipedia etc.

They're a bugger those petards, aren't they! Looks like I've gone and gotten hoist by mine again.

Google have wiped us off the face of the Googosphere again (boo-hoo).

Have Haringey Council been fighting back? Who at Google is insisting that Crouch End is Hornsey and that Crouch End has tumbled down Muswell Hill and gotten stuck? Who pays these mappers? Do we secretly want those daft old buggers at Google to carry on getting it wrong? (But what on earth are they doing with the data they hold on each of us?)

Wooup.......hang on there - just noticed that those drunken Google mappers have more on offer to us. They're even rather sweetly trying to capture the local dialect in some of our place names:

So, will we get back on the map as 'Arringaaee and to the west will we see Craachen and Awnsie?

Phil on Effingham works for Google and is a HoL member. Why not ask him to speak to his colleagues nicely?!!
Thanks for the tip. I've messaged him, but I imagine that it might be tough for him to do anything.

It's all a bit ridiculous isn't it.
Here's another example. The location bubble for the new gardening shop on Hornsey High Street from the shop's website:


Why would you want to use Google maps anyway?

Streetmaps is like Kelloggs - the original and best.

And it puts place names in the right place!
A lot of people use it Paulie. So it can't be ignored.
I can't bare the adverts on Streetmap
The saga continues. I noticed this at number 3 in my search results just now:

Hmm, I thought, have they added us back...........in the right place?


In this version of Cloud GooGoo land, we're:

.......which is fine, if they'll guarantee me a sale price equating to the new location they dreamed for us.

So, will you be using a Cloud GooGoo map to navigate your way anywhere next time?



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