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We recently moved into the area and had to get a new fence installed between us and the neighbours.

After debating whether to go for cheap and cheerful or get a 'proper' fence, we chose to get a higher quality (and hopefully more durable than the previous one) wooden fence.  We went with Gavin at Lifestyle Gardens and we were so happy with the quality and attention to detail he showed, we wanted to put a recommendation up for him here. 

He worked really hard, gave us good advice (by following his recommendation we ended up with a real garden feature rather than just a barrier) and his price was comparable to a much lower spec fence quote we were given. 

Very happy to recommend him and we will use him again for sure... his website is www.lifestylegardens.net

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That's a good recommendation to know, thanks for sharing!  I'll be replacing my garden fence in the Spring.   Did Gavin actually make the fence himself (bespoke fencing) ? Or did he purchase from a merchant and then install?  It would be great to see a photo of yours!

I have pics now, will send to you in a message. 

Hello Robyn,

Please can you share the pictures (I just sent a connection request).


He had the panels delivered and installed them.

They are closed board panels apparently (just checked with other half who organised the fence) and they have wooden posts although I understand he does all kinds.

We don't have a photo yet - when I remember to take one in daylight will share it (although the rest of the scrappy garden is now put to shame by the fence so you'd have to ignore that bit!)  



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