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Feeling good about where we live: what can a local council contribute?

Evidence is mounting that the quality of the environment in which we live influences our mental health. A local council in southeast London is discovering what interventions can make a difference.

Feeling Good About Where We Live is a three-year project developed by Greenwich Council and Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT). It is based on research undertaken by Dr Hilary Guite, Joint Director of Public Health at Greenwich TPCT and a Consultant in Public Mental Health.


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Thanks once more, Hugh for another interesting link.

I've read through the IDEA summary and also phoned Greenwich to find out more. Though - just going on the IDEA blurb - I have some initial scepticism.

Is the project about ameliorating the impact of overcrowded homes and a bleak environment on people's feelings of "loneliness and isolation"? If so, why not try tackling both more effectively? For example, since there's obviously lotsamoney around for the relief of distressed bankerfolk, could the Government topslice a few quid for people with mental health problems made worse by bad housing?

I also see ethical as well as practical problems with the idea of one housing estate getting 'interventions' to improve things; while another estate is a 'control' area where no such 'interventions' take place.



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