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I see some pros as well as the obvious cons but felt this feedback was telling.

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The Oxford demo was awash with climate change deniers, white nationalists, antisemites, anti-vaxxers, great reset conspiracy theorists”. Nothing to do with traffic management in the slightest. And some of the same people and plenty of their yellow placards have shown up at Haringey demos too. 

Not niche at the demos, in fact dominating at the demos and drowning out locals. And personally ,regardless of what I thought about a traffic scheme or indeed any other issue, I'd never go on a demo with people with these sorts of beliefs under any circumstances as I find them pretty abhorrent. 

I know Oxford very  well  and family members living there. The 12 year old you reference is plain wrong - she can travel anywhere she likes.  Anyone turning up to a demo masked is coming in bad faith but even so they were there ostensibly to oppose the white nationalists rather than any point on traffic control. 

There's nothing wrong with being a proud English man/woman and protesting against the types of tyranny our ancestors resisted over the centuries and which provided the freedoms we enjoy today (including the right to protest - unmasked). It's an awareness of that history and hard won rights which makes people instinctively oppose enforced restrictions on movement.

White supremacy is something entirely different and also something that Englishmen and women have long fought against. 

Yes, you know the ones who organised universal franchise, fought against slavery, resisted the National Socialists etc. Those ones.

It's an awareness of that history and hard won rights which makes people instinctively oppose enforced restrictions on movement.

They all voted against leaving the EU then?

I was expecting your comment Michael.

Clearly there is a difference between the right to move freely around your own town and country and the ability to cross borders into other countries.

Because LTNs and living near shops, schools, drs and parks etc is complete tyranny obviously and protesting against them is totally like being in the French Resistance or fighting on the beaches etc . 

That's all fine. Having services locally and ideally within walking distance is fantastic. But making it difficult for people to travel to surrounding areas is heading towards undue state control. Not all services, attractions, green space, friends and family will be in your local '15min city'. We should be free to travel unhindered/without fines, permits or quotas to other areas.

Ok Gordon.  If you click on Warham Road on the map that is linked to earlier in this thread you’ll see that an average of 2,500 vehicles travel up my road every day.  From 6 in the morning and then again from around 3 in the afternoon there is a constant stream of vehicles using my narrow, wholly residential street.  They do it to shave a few minutes off their journey to Finsbury Park or Hornsey.

Where is my freedom not to be woken up every morning?  Where is my freedom not to have to pay for repairs to cracks to my home caused by vibration?  Does freedom only exist behind the wheel of a car?

No-one’s saying that you can or can’t go anywhere. That’s always your prerogative. What is happening is that if people choose to travel to their destination in a machine that negatively impacts the health and well-being of others and the global environment, there may be added inconvenience of time or cost to mitigate some of that negative impact. That’s it. No-one’s rights or privileges have been changed or adjusted at all. 

Yep. There are nutters at the fringes of both points of view. Protests always bring them out.



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